Select your Pool Party !

REGISTRATION ARE NOW CLOSED FOR THE POOL PARTY : if you did not choose your Pool Party yet, you will be assigned one of the Pool Party depending on the available places left.

For European Snow Pride 2022, we are again offering 2 Pool Parties. For capacity reasons, YOU MUST REGISTER FOR ONLY ONE of the 2 Pool Parties.


  • The persons eligible to register to one of our 2 Pool Parties are the following: persons who have booked a Premium Event Pass (Pool Party access included) or persons who have booked a Standard Event Pass and who have additionally paid a Pool Party supplement
  • The customer who has made the reservation with Tignes Réservation can register all the members of his resrevation, or let them register by themselves by transferring this registration link. Do not forget in this case to communicate them your reservation number which will be necessary for them
  • Each eligible person in your reservation can only register for ONLY ONE of our 2 Pool Parties
  • Your booking reservation number will be required to register. If you do not know it, please ask the person who made your reservation with Tignes Réservation.
  • The people in your reservation (with the same booking reservation number) can be split between the 2 Pool Parties. Of course, the total number of registrations for the 2 Pool Parties CANNOT EXCEED the number of eligible people in your reservation.
  • The admission tickets for the selected Pool Party will be given to you on arrival in your welcome pack
  • Registration is open until 28 February 2022 19:00 CET.
  • If the above rules are not respected or if you or the members of your reservation are eligible and you have not registered, we will register you instead and at our discretion to one of the 2 Pool Parties.

mon14Mar20:30Blue Pool Party - Registration ARE CLOSED14 MAR @ LE LAGON

wed16Mar20:30Pink Pool Party - REGISTRATION ARE CLOSED16 MAR @ LE LAGON