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The concept of a gay ski week is very simple: this is the opportunity to meet gay people from all over the world who like skiing and snowboarding. On top of the skiing actvities, the concept also relies on events and activities organised in the ski resort after a day of skiing, such as après-ski, parties, meals, etc.

Our team has been organising gay ski events over the last 12 years and we know perfectly well what people expect from such an event. With hundreds of guests coming from all over Europe and North America and beyond, we can proudly say that European Snow Pride has now become one of the most popular gay ski weeks worldwide.

The success of European Snow Pride and what makes it unique, relies on:

  • a huge and snow sure ski area, the world famous Tignes and Val d’Isère ski area
  • a gay friendly resort
  • an incredible level of equipements and infrastructure
  • stunning venues for our events such as the fabulous Chalet du Bollin on the pistes for our après ski, the beautiful Lagon stretching over 5000sqm for our giant Pool party, Tignespace, Tignes’ brand new 3000 people capacity venue for our giant DJ parties, etc
  • a broad range of accommodation fitting any budget and requirements, including rooms and suites in 2 to 5-star hotels and self catering studios and apartments in 2 to 4-star residences
  • cultural events taking place during the week, such as a Gay Film Festival
  • a gay pride, organised by the Montpellier-Tignes Pride, the only gay pride to take place in a ski resort
  • and so much more…

Tignes is a gay friendly resort and proves it with repetead and concrete facts and offers incredible equipements that are used for our events. Tignes & Val d’Isère ski area is a world class and snow sure ski area.

The 3rd week of March is the best period for a ski and party event, with perfect snow conditions. On top of the optimal snow levels, the 3rd week of March 2017 is also one of the few weeks of the winter season when there are no school holidays at all in Europe.

So there will be less people on the slopes and we are in a far better position to negotiate the best rates in your interest for all the options we propose and especially for all our accommodation, that you would probably pay twice as much in the peak periods of the winter season.

Last but not least, the weather is generally nicer at this period than in January or February, the days are longer and the temperatures is not so cold anymore: skiing in these conditions is definitely a pleasure, as well as enjoying the sun at the terrace of a mountain restaurant, and having fun at the après-ski on a South facing terrace

European Snow Pride is more than a gay ski week, it is a festival. It is not only about gathering gay people in a resort and letting them ski together, it’s far more than that.

It is an event where of course you will be skiing together but also where you will have lots of opportunities to have fun and to meet other guys who are like you, thanks to our exciting and diverse entertainment programme.

You will enjoy all kinds of events and of magic moments on top of the skiing, such as après-skis, DJ parties, Cabaret evenings, Raclette and Fondue evenings, a Wilderness Cam evening (toboggan ride followed by a barbecue dinner in a yurt), a gay film festival and even a gay pride!

During the week there will be so many different opportunities for all kinds of people to mix and meet that your fear of staying alone will not survive to the reality of facts.

Should you still have some fears about feeling alone, you might consider our Special Offer, which on top of being very competitive provides you with an opportunity to share your studio apartment with 3 or 4 other people and make new friends.

There is no doubt that after having made up your mind and decided to join us, you won’t regret it.

This exceptional event is a unique opportunity for you to make new friends coming from all over the world while enjoying unforgettable moments.

It is true that the number of events and activities within the European Snow Pride programme is rather impressive.

However there is no reason here to get scared by this, quite the contrary as the extensiveness of the European Snow Pride programme guarantees that you will be able at any time to choose what you want to do, at your pace and according to your mood of the moment.

You will be able to set up your personalised programme within the European Snow Pride programme, by picking up the events and the activities that you like most, nothing is imposed on you.

If you primary goal is skiing or snowboarding, it might be useful to let you know that our DJ parties start from 9.30pm and end at about 2am. There will be an after hour party each day starting at 2am, but nothing obliges you to do overtime.

Also our Wilderness Camp evening, our Raclette and Fondue evenings, will end at about 10:30pm and our Cabaret evenings will end before midnight each day.

As you can see there is nothing here that is in principle incompatible with a good day of skiing/surfing on the next day.

If you are fond of skiing/boarding, we can imagine how delighted you are with the opportunity to practice your favorite sport in a world class and snow sure ski area such as the Tignes & Val d’Isère ski area, considered as one of the most beautiful in the world.

The Tignes & Val d’Isère ski area and its 300km of slopes peaking at 3450m is adapted to all skiing/snowboarding levels.

Then you will probably like the opportunity we provide to all the event passholders to join our ski/snowbard guided groups so that you can ski/board with other participants. Our ski/snowboard guided groups are a real opportunity for you to have fun and to meet other people who share your passion.

Be aware that our guided groups will be only accessible to very good skiers or surfers (people who want to ski/board together and who don’t have the required level to join our guided groups will be invited to join our exclusive European Snow Pride ski school).

Regarding the parties, of course nothing obliges you to take part in them and we want to let you know that the European Snow Pride programme is not just about parties. Alternatively you might consider taking part in our Wilderness Camp evening (including a Barbecue dinner in a Mongolian yurt, preceded by a togboggan run through a magic scenery), our traditional Raclette and Fondue evenings, or our gay film festival featuring recent and cult gay movie.

Not skiing is not a reason for not participating! First of all if you have never skied before or have very basic skills you might consider taking part in our exclusive European Snow Pride ski school so that you can take the opportunity to learn skiing or even boarding. At the end of the week, you will be surprised by your progress and as you get more confident and more autonomous you will really start enjoying the fun of going down easy slopes without falling over!

It might also be possible that despite all our encouragements you don’t want to ski at all. Well, that is your choice, and you really shouldn’t worry about how to spend your time during the week.

First of all you might consider spending some time at the superb pool, spa and gym of the Lagon, Tignes’ beautiful swimming pool, spa and fitness center that stretches over 5000 sqm (this is by the way the venue that will host our giant Pool Party). For this purpose you might be interested in our Lagon Access Pass available on our website.

Or you could just want to spend some time at the private pool and spa of your hotel or residence (most of our accommodation provide a pool, spa and some do also provide fitness facilities).

Unless you prefer spending some hours enjoying a superb mountain panorama while comfortably seated on a deck chair on a terrace of a mountain restaurant that is accessible by lift that you can also use as a pedestrian.

At the end of the afternoon you will join the other guests at the après-ski, before enjoying the rest of the programme of the evening and the night.

A quick look at our rich and diverse programme should be enough to convince you that European Snow Pride is not just about skiing.

We are not persuaded that the community perspective is the best approach for this kind of event. Of course this is a gay ski week gathering hundreds of gays from all over the world, but there is no community advocacy behind the event.

The European Snow Pride, which is open to the outside world, is above all a unique opportunity for people of different countries to mix together, on the slopes or at the many other events and activities proposed throughout the week: après-ski, DJ parties, Pool Party, dinners, Wilderness Camp evening, …

To sum up, beyond being gay, the common point to all guests is the desire to share the same passions together, skiing or boarding, and the moments of fun and parties.

If we ought to talk about community, we would say that the European Snow Pride is a community of happy people who love to have fun and be togehter.

A gay ski week such as European Snow Pride gathers hundreds of gay people from all over Europe and beyond.

Among the many participants there will be people of your age.

And as you are probably a student or just got your first job we assume that you are not a Platinum cardholder. This is one of the reasons why we have created the Special Offer, inclusive of accommodation, Lift pass and Event Pass.

European Snow Pride is not a French gay ski week. It is a European gay ski week, gathering hundreds of gay guys from all over Europe, North America and beyond. The proportion of non French guests is over 50%.

Also our Customer Service team and our ski guides are multilingual.

If you are intending to take lessons from our exclusive European Snow Pride ski school, you have to know that our ski school instructors, on top of being gay friendly, do speak several languages (English in all cases).

Our events that take place throughout the week will also be multilingual so that nobody feels excluded and everybody feels comfortable and understands what it is about.

And perhaps you will find on site a good motivation to learn another language unless you prefer teaching yours to someone else!

There is nothing against your participation in the fact you are a couple. Our guests are single, couples, groups of friends…

It’s up to you to establish the ground rules and to live the event as you wish it.

You have to know that European Snow Pride is also a great opportunity to make new friends who you would be delighted to see again and why not to visit on a regular basis during your holidays or weekends all over Europe and beyond.