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Savoyard + cabaret evening

Restaurant the Coffee, Val Claret (uppert part), place du Curling
from/per person 39 


*Savoy’s most famous  food specialities in one evening hosting a Cabaret show.

During our Savoyard evening you will enjoy 3 of Savoy’s most famous food specialities: Raclette, Fondue and Tartiflette, all based on various combinations of melted cheese served with charcuterie (cold meat), potatoes and salad.

The Raclette consists of a hard round local cheese melted under a small table-top grill. Then you will generously pour the melting cheese on the waxy boiled potatoes on your plate and eat them together with charcuterie (savoyarde ham, rosette de Lyon, etc), salad and condiment (gherkins and white onion in vinegar, …).

The Fondue is made of local cheese (Comté, Beaufort and Savoyard Gruyère) mixed with white whine in a heated pot called “Caquelon” into which you dip small pieces of bread.

Tartiflette is sliced potatoes baked with bacon, cream and local cheese.

Our Savoyard evening will take place at the Coffee, an excellent Savoyard speciality restaurant located in the centre of Val Claret (upper level) and will host a Cabaret as well.

Due to the large success of our Savoyard evening in the past years, we strongly recommend to book this option in advance from our web site. Places are limited !


Price and schedule info
Location  Coffee restaurant, place du Curling, centre of Val Claret (upper level)
 Date Tuesday 19 March
 Time  Welcome from 7pm to 7:30pm

Booking in advance on our web site is strongly recommended.
€39/£33 pp. When booked on site at our Customer Service : +5€ (places subject to availability)

The price includes: Raclette, Fondue and Tartiflette + cold meat, salad, a choice of desserts, 1 bottle of red or white wine for 3 people + Cabaret show.